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What should we pay attention to after a high-intensity workout?

In fact, not only the muscles are damaged after training, but the myofascia is also damaged, which is easy to produce stickiness and form many nodules. In a long-term adhesion state, the myofascial membrane will gradually lose its elasticity, and the related muscles will become stiff. In addition to the unsightly lines, the agility and coordination of the body will also deteriorate, which will greatly reduce the performance of the exercise! So after exercising, I often see people using a fascia gun to relax. This tool is very convenient, but the point is, do you really use it? The wrong method can easily cause unimaginable harm. Let me learn how to use it correctly.

1. Move along the muscle line Anyone who has cut meat knows that the muscles are textured. When using the fascia gun, remember to massage along the muscles, do not press to the left, but hit the right all at once, otherwise the relaxation effect will be reduced, and misuse may cause damage. cause some damages.

2. Relax for 3 to 5 minutes in each place It is recommended to vary the duration of the fascia gun depending on the tip. For example, the front end of the vertebral head is smaller and the force is more concentrated, and the use time is about 3 minutes; the spherical head has a larger area, and the force of the attacking muscle is more uniform, which can be extended to 5 minutes.

3. The power should not be too large The fascia gun uses vibration to hit the epidermis → fat → fascia, and finally reaches the muscle, because the skin is the first force, so when the shock wave is large and the pressure is large, it may cause bruises to the epidermal tissue, and even muscles. Slight tear! It is recommended to control the strength when using the fascia gun, mainly use it around large muscles, such as quadriceps, gluteal muscles, etc., avoid using it in places with thin muscle layers, such as shoulders, etc.

4. Inappropriate parts The fascia gun is usually used where there is muscle tissue, and the following areas must be avoided.

Armpits: There are many nerves and lymphoid tissue in the armpits. Excessive force can easily cause lymphatic damage and inflammation, or shock nerves, which can cause hand numbness.

Thoracic and Abdominal: Vital organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys and stomach are located in the chest and abdomen. Using a high-shock fascia gun in this area may cause electric shock damage.

Arteries: Carotid arteries, femoral arteries, and other large blood vessels. Continued damage can lead to damage and thrombosis. The scary thing is that after the thrombus falls off, as the blood flows to the brain, it is easy to cause an ischemic stroke!

Joints: Applying high shock waves to hard joints is the equivalent of hitting your knee against a wall, which can easily cause joint damage.

5. Not all post-workout soreness works The fascia gun is only suitable for muscle soreness after training. If it is due to strain, sprain, cartilage inflammation, etc., do not continue to use the fascia gun on the injured part, it will make your condition worse!

The above sports injuries can be resolved by stretching or seeking medical attention.

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