• Fitness Equipment

    Fitness Equipment

    Our main fitness equipment includes fascia guns, dumbbells, horizontal bars, accessories, etc. We strive to improve product quality through continuous product development and technological innovation, and make outstanding contributions to the popularization of fitness equipment products in the family.

  • Outdoor Product

    Outdoor Product

    Pack your bags on holidays, go into nature, and enjoy the fun of camping life. We specialize in the production of outdoor camping equipment including outdoor folding dining tables and chairs, portable trolleys, and outdoor canopies.


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Let Us Be Your Guide To Helping You Stay Healthy.

Wuyi Xinhang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a super

China Fitness Equipment Manufacturers and Wholesale Fitness Equipment Suppliers

, specializing in the production of massage guns, fitness equipment and outdoor camping supplies.
  • Fast And Thoughtful Service

    Carefully build an after-sales service team composed of technical backbones, and strive to make after-sales service faster and more intimate.

  • Strong R&D Team

    OEM/ODM manufacturers, professional R&D team and technical service team can continue to provide new products with higher cost performance.

  • Source Manufacturers.

    With a complete product production line, first-class production process design and program control, the products are more stable and traceable. Product quality is strictly monitored in accordance with the corresponding indicators.


Committed To Delivering High Quality Projects And Innovate.

We have a strong R&D team, most of our products have applied for patents, and all kinds of products have passed a series of certifications such as CE, FCC, UL, KC, and PSE.

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